Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The night before the examination

The night before an examination is really to almost all the examines. Most of the students appearing at the examination suffer from anxiety at the night before the examination. They become panic stricken.

Different types of student have different experiences at the night before the examination. Butt it is true that most of students are filled with tension and feeling of uncertainty.  The student who have neglected their student throughout the year and those who were careless about their books become impatient before the night of examination. They collect notes and learn some selected question. Then they try to commit them to memory. But it is not possible for them to prepare all the questions overnight. They pass the whole night without sleep and go to examination hall with anxious mind.

There are some other students who turn pages and try to rives some question. But to their utter surprise and horror, they discover that they have forgotten all the questions they learnt. They are filled with despair.

Many examinees take cups of tea one after another to keep them awake and start reading. But they feel feverish and in the morning they go to the examination hall with a mindful of fear and feeling of sickness.
There are some examines who are found busy  in cutting pages of books, writing answers in small size paper for copying in the examination hall.
Many students have examination fobia. They are always afraid of examination. They pass sleepless night. They move at this side or that side of their bed.

But some students who have studied throughout the whole year very carefully do not get nervous. They revise their prepared answers of the probable questions as usual and go to the examination hall without tension. They go to sleep as usual. They do not feel anxiety. They answer the questions to the point and do well in the examination.

It can not be denied that the night before an examination is fearful to almost all the students. More or less, very student suffers from anxiety, panic and nervousness. To avoid the situation, all the students should study seriously and carefully from the beginning of the session and also should attend the classes regularly.